Word of the Day: Refectory

Not sure I’ve heard this one recently if ever.  And I’m honestly not sure how to use it in a sentence just because, well, why?


“The Great Hall from the Harry Potter movies was based on a combination of the books and the refectory of Christ Church college at Oxford.”



: a dining hall (as in a monastery or college)

~per Merriam-Webster

Word of the Day: Regale

I’m down from a surgery for awhile, which means no access to my computer, only a laptop.  I’m afraid that I will not be able to regale you with original arts and photos for a week or two.  (Click the images to get to the source.)

At least I’m back! (I think.)


Found on a google hunt! Click to check out the source!

“The wonderful thing about the internet is the ability to regale friends with shared artwork and stories and other random discoveries.”



1) to entertain richly or agreeably.

2) to give pleasure or amusement to.

3) gratify, delight, please, rejoice, gladden.

~ per Merriam-Webster

Word of the Day: Cagey

I did not know I’ve been using this word just slightly wrong all along.  Oops!

cagey“The cagey old codger had already worked out a plan for getting those damn kids off his lawn.”

Cagey – adjective

1) not willing to say everything that you know about something
2) careful to avoid being trapped or tricked
3) very clever
~ per Merriam-Webster

Word of the Day: Deadpan

This is one of those often-used words that we think we know what it means. I think maybe Inigo Montoya disapproves when we use it too much.


deadpan“The deadpan delivery did nothing to soften the blow of the bad news.”

Deadpan – adjective

1) showing no feeling or emotion

2) marked by an impassive matter-of-fact manner, style, or expression.

~per Merriam-Webster

Word of the Day: Machinate

Dues ex machina! Only, you know, less godly…

machinate“The evil principal ultimately fell victim to the machinations of his clever senior students and their determination for a day off.”

Machinate- verb

intransitive verb
:  to plan or plot especially to do harm
transitive verb
:  to scheme or contrive to bring about
~per Merriam-Webster