This webspace is under construction to compile the sample works and writing-thoughts of one Yvonne Harbison. Yvonne has spent over half her life wielding some form of writing utensil. Sometimes she paints murals or landscapes. Most of her free time is spent at a keyboard stringing words together.

While doing so, she has accomplished a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Studies from California State University, Chico, where she wrote many papers and helped bring to life the English Department’s first annual Write On! event. Not long after that, she graduated from Full Sail University with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing. Over the course of her academic career Yvonne has lost count of the number of papers she has written and her professors never once claimed to have fallen asleep while grading them. Currently she maintains this blog somewhere in between her day job as a wordslinger and her other writing ramblings, from prose to scriptwork.

Yvonne’s interests lie in the art of storytelling and the skill of written communication. She has an absolute fascination – to the point of bewilderment and awe – at the human race’s casual relationship with such important habits. Her work reflects these themes.

In her spare time, Yvonne helps keep a roof over the spoiled royal heads of a pack of happy, small-yet-well-fed dogs in the beautiful Northern California locale known as Chico. She spends much of that time bemoaning the fact that she lives three hours away from any ocean beaches, but the varied geography, fauna and flora found within walking distance of her home is never complained about and is encouraged in her backyard garden.

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