This week’s poetry entry

I’ve noticed that a lot of my poetry efforts lately end up focused on helping myself understand and come to terms with where my society is in the current political moment. This was no exception, and it demanded to be written this morning. So I present it, without further comment.

What I See

What I see
Is more than we just disagree.
I see hate,
Willful and arrogant.
I see ignorance,
Shameless and proud.
I see fear,
Controlling and winning.
I see the death of empathy,
A hard lack of care.
What you do for the least of these
Is slander and deface
Their beauty in diversity.
If necessity is the mother of invention,
I see a culture in need
Who refuses to create.
I see the pain
Felt by individuals
Aimed at faceless masses.
I see hypocrisy
That drains the color
From a flag
You claim to love
So much.
I see we failed.
I see we lost
To demons we fought
In our grandfathers’ time.
I see a cycle
In violence.
And I see little hope
As it goes on
To see our colors again.

Word of the Day: Veneration


“The triumphant softball coach was treated with all the veneration of a movie star for days following the big game.”



1) to regard with reverential respect.

2) adore, revere, reverence, worship.


~per Merriam-Webster


Word of the Day: Nook

As it happens, I like my Nook and wish I had a nook to read it in! Although I generally do more writing on my Nook than reading.



“With a Nook for company, I curled up in the breakfast nook to read in the sunshine.”



1) an interior angle or corner formed usually by two walls.
2) a sheltered or hidden place.
3) a usually recessed section of a larger room.

~per Merriam-Webster