-Life With A Masters Degree-

ResuMe: I have ten years of data entry experience!
Them: I’m sorry, we passed on your application for a candidate with data entry experience.


ResuMe: I have four years warehouse experience!

Them: I’m sorry, we will not consider your application because we are looking for someone with at least one year warehouse experience.


ResuMe: I have a BA in English and an MA in writing!

Them: You laughable fool, you can’t work in a *bookstore* without retail experience.


Right then. 

… Does anyone else have this joyful experience? What is your favorite Job Hunting Story from the modern day world of unemployment?

Cover Letters and Job Hunting

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember and still find writing letters that begin “To whom it may concern” very tedious.  It’s not very engaging wordplay.  It’s boring.  It’s a business-world casualty hit to the writing voice.  But there it is, because formula is sometimes important.

However, this is the emerging world of new media.  Rules are changing.  So If I get a vote, I vote that one’s the first to go.