Word of the Day: Nook

As it happens, I like my Nook and wish I had a nook to read it in! Although I generally do more writing on my Nook than reading.   “With a Nook for company, I curled up in the breakfast nook to read in the sunshine.”   Nook – noun 1) an interior angle or […]

Word of the Day: Adjective

Back to the tedious basics…     “A noun does not always require a colorful adjective; sometimes they can be rather bland.”     Adjective – noun : a word that typically serves as a modifier of a noun ~ per Merriam-Webster

Word of the Day: Refectory

Not sure I’ve heard this one recently if ever.  And I’m honestly not sure how to use it in a sentence just because, well, why? “The Great Hall from the Harry Potter movies was based on a combination of the books and the refectory of Christ Church college at Oxford.”   Refectory – noun : […]