Word of the Day: Regale

I’m down from a surgery for awhile, which means no access to my computer, only a laptop.  I’m afraid that I will not be able to regale you with original arts and photos for a week or two.  (Click the images to get to the source.) At least I’m back! (I think.)   “The wonderful […]

Word of the Day: Kibitzer

This is one of the fun words.  I want to name a cat or a dog this someday. “That kitten is a real kibitzer for someone who can only meow, constantly poking her nose into places nobody wants it.”   Kibitzer – noun : one who looks on and usually offers unwanted advice ~per Merriam-Webster

Word of the Day: Avuncular

No, seriously, why does this word exist?  Not that it offends me, it just baffles my mind that we would have a word for this at all.  Is there an equally imperious-sounding equivalent for aunts? Grandparents? Siblings?  I have yet to find one. “The avuncular politician bought pizza for the press.” Avuncular – adj. : […]

Word of the Day: Ferment

This word is fun.  In my oversimplified, mental expressions of the word, it’s either talking about beer, or it’s talking about a slow-burning riot.  Two things that have nothing to do with each other but at the same time can have everything to do with each other… yeah, my mind is a strange place. 😉 […]

Word of the Day: Cagey

I did not know I’ve been using this word just slightly wrong all along.  Oops! “The cagey old codger had already worked out a plan for getting those damn kids off his lawn.” Cagey – adjective 1) not willing to say everything that you know about something 2) careful to avoid being trapped or tricked […]

Word of the Day: Deadpan

This is one of those often-used words that we think we know what it means. I think maybe Inigo Montoya disapproves when we use it too much.   “The deadpan delivery did nothing to soften the blow of the bad news.” Deadpan – adjective 1) showing no feeling or emotion 2) marked by an impassive […]

Word of the Day: Machinate

Dues ex machina! Only, you know, less godly… “The evil principal ultimately fell victim to the machinations of his clever senior students and their determination for a day off.” Machinate- verb intransitive verb :  to plan or plot especially to do harm transitive verb :  to scheme or contrive to bring about ~per Merriam-Webster