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And trust me, I know it.

But a friend of mine started a 30-days of Poetry challenge this month. So I thought I would give it a stab. I’ll post them randomly here, too, just for the sake of keeping track of them somewhere. ūüôā

coffeewriter does poetry!

Day 1

Writerly things: Take the train!

Train travel is still a viable and reliable transportation system in the United States, despite the popularity of planes or cars. ¬†Christina Vuono, a 30 year old speech language pathologist from Philadelphia, PA, travels by train to Atlanta, GA, every year.¬† Amtrak is her preferred and trusted carrier. “I like it. Now that I’ve tried…

A writing prompt to focus the coffee rush

A picture says a thousand words, right?¬† But what about music?¬† Sometimes music has lyrics to paint pictures, other times you have notes to follow instead.¬† What’s your musical genre?¬† What story does your favorite song tell you?¬† Is that why it’s your favorite?¬† Music is important, even to writers, just because it’s another form…


Creativity is an odd beast to corner. It doesn’t behave predictably. It isn’t rational. The clich√© is that you court the muse, you don’t chase it. But really, courting implies you – as the courter to the courtee – have some modicum of intentional control, the ability to manipulate and to train the muse. I’m…