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And trust me, I know it.

But a friend of mine started a 30-days of Poetry challenge this month. So I thought I would give it a stab. I’ll post them randomly here, too, just for the sake of keeping track of them somewhere. 🙂

coffeewriter does poetry!

Day 1

Writerly things: Take the train!

Train travel is still a viable and reliable transportation system in the United States, despite the popularity of planes or cars.  Christina Vuono, a 30 year old speech language pathologist from Philadelphia, PA, travels by train to Atlanta, GA, every year.  Amtrak is her preferred and trusted carrier. “I like it. Now that I’ve tried…


Creativity is an odd beast to corner. It doesn’t behave predictably. It isn’t rational. The cliché is that you court the muse, you don’t chase it. But really, courting implies you – as the courter to the courtee – have some modicum of intentional control, the ability to manipulate and to train the muse. I’m…