Word of the Day: Ferment

This word is fun.  In my oversimplified, mental expressions of the word, it’s either talking about beer, or it’s talking about a slow-burning riot.  Two things that have nothing to do with each other but at the same time can have everything to do with each other… yeah, my mind is a strange place. 😉 […]

Word of the Day: Cagey

I did not know I’ve been using this word just slightly wrong all along.  Oops! “The cagey old codger had already worked out a plan for getting those damn kids off his lawn.” Cagey – adjective 1) not willing to say everything that you know about something 2) careful to avoid being trapped or tricked […]

Coffee Costs are Brewing…

Coffee addicts beware: A drought in Brazil has caused speculative stock market prices to change the wholesale cost of coffee.  Something similar happened in 2010 and was, at that time, expected to last until 2012. Prior to that, there was a bad crop in 2007.  Each time, prices increased as the stock market speculated on […]

Writerly things: Take the train!

Train travel is still a viable and reliable transportation system in the United States, despite the popularity of planes or cars.  Christina Vuono, a 30 year old speech language pathologist from Philadelphia, PA, travels by train to Atlanta, GA, every year.  Amtrak is her preferred and trusted carrier. “I like it. Now that I’ve tried […]

Word of the Day: Deadpan

This is one of those often-used words that we think we know what it means. I think maybe Inigo Montoya disapproves when we use it too much.   “The deadpan delivery did nothing to soften the blow of the bad news.” Deadpan – adjective 1) showing no feeling or emotion 2) marked by an impassive […]

Word of the Day: Machinate

Dues ex machina! Only, you know, less godly… “The evil principal ultimately fell victim to the machinations of his clever senior students and their determination for a day off.” Machinate- verb intransitive verb :  to plan or plot especially to do harm transitive verb :  to scheme or contrive to bring about ~per Merriam-Webster

Here’s one for the Character Files

Life happens.  It’s why characters in stories are important.  Because that’s a representation of a life, and no life is one-dimensional or single-minded.  There’s always other stuff going on.  So here’s one for the character files.  This is the stuff that goes on in a life that makes a person or a character behave and […]

Word of the Day: Zaftig

Today’s word I’ve only heard about on the internet as a friend’s username.  So I’m going to completely botch my effort at an intelligent use of the word in a complete sentence.  I’m okay with this because this is a weird word but very fun. (It is such a fun word that auto-correct wants me […]