Writing Samples

Note: This section is still always under construction.

—— Blogs and Articles ——

A brief collection of articles I have written can be found at my contently portfolio, thecoffeewriter.contently.com. Additional article samples have been collected on Pinterest. These include short and long form SEO copywriting articles for Build.com.


The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt Has Arrived!

GISHWHES, or Gish, has been around for many years now, encouraging participants to spread as many random acts of kindness as possible.

Writerly things: Take the Train!

A quick write up on the short-lived writer residency program offered by Amtrack in 2014.

Chico, CA – Looking Good on Camera Since 1915

A look at the film history of a Northern California city not widely known
for the Hollywood spotlight.

—— Short Stories ——

After a lifetime of paranoia, a young man finally settles down to some semblance of “Normal.” For however long that can last, anyway.

Playing with Fire
A young girl’s imagination blurs her focus on reality.

—— Scripts ——

Note: Script formatting altered for posting.

Axel is no expert at relationships, but he’s beginning to want his own life back.
Drama-short, written as a class assignment.

Two young brothers plan a daring jailbreak… from the pound.
Animated-short, written as a class assignment.


All original work copyright Yvonne Harbison 2010 – 2020

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