Writing Portfolio

Since 2017, Yvonne Harbison has helped expand the content in the build.com Learning Center from a handful of posts to over 650 articles. She writes SEO-centered articles, email copy, and blog posts that provide helpful tips and resources to visitors looking to improve or upgrade their home or workspace.

Yvonne is a true collaborator and team player. She contributes to and supports the content team with brainstorming, product research, search engine optimization techniques, keyword outlining, and more.

While working with build.com and Build with Ferguson, Yvonne wrote on a variety of subjects, from product reviews, to home improvement, home security, and interior design. She has a passion for research and for uncovering topics and stories that offer practical advice.

Throughout her career, Yvonne has created guidelines, presentations, vendor pieces, instructional articles, and other marketing and informational content for various products and audiences. As part of an in-house marketing agency team for a major online retailer, she produced customer-focused, customer-facing materials as well as internal communications. As a volunteer, her writing includes entertainment news and more creative, lighter topics.

At the core of Yvonne’s portfolio is her commitment to creating content that adds value to the reader’s online experience. Her work is dedicated to engaging audiences, telling stories they can relate to, and providing insights that are applicable to their lives.

For more career information, check out Yvonne’s LinkedIn page.

Looking for a few highlights? You’ll find the links below!

Product-focused articles written by Yvonne Harbison:

Home-design article samples:

Step-by-step installation articles:

Arts and Entertainment entries:

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