Writing a runaway/homeless character?


It’s very possible that one day you’ll want to write a runaway, or someone living on the streets, or someone who is just up to no good, or all of the above! You need some good old research. Well here; I did some of that work for you! 

Obviously not all of these characteristics/actions are interchangeable so use discretion (i.e. I’m not implying that all homeless people jump borders or shoplift, but some may if they get desperate. These are just suggestions). 

Runawayguide – Yep, this guy ran away from home when he was 16 and is currently traveling the world. My favorite posts of his:

(Also make sure to read through the comments on his posts because a lot of his visitors tell plenty outrageous stories to get your ideas rolling.)

Wikihow – You know it. Like Wikipedia, I wouldn’t put my full trust in them, but they’re pretty thorough. Runawayguide already discusses some of this stuff, but these are good “big idea” articles.

Other articles – I can’t guarantee that any of these are 100% accurate or trustworthy, so if you’re having your doubts try to get a few more sources to back it up. 

Also, FYI, it is legal for adolescents in most states to run away. I wasn’t aware of this at all before my research and thought it was a cool tidbit. 

Please feel free to add your own references/resources!

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