Do You Have a Creative Writing Blog?


I don’t post unpublished writing individually, but I thought I’d make a list of creative writing blogs for a mass promotion thing.

If you have a creative writing blog (and it must be creative writing, not a mix of creative writing and non-writing related posts), give me the following (please reply to the post, do not send a message):

  • URL: Obviously, I need the URL of your creative writing blog. To make more room in the answer box, you don’t have to write the whole URL. Just give me the handle.
  • What you write: Tell me if you write poetry, flash fiction (less than 1k words), short stories (between 1k and 7.5k words), or if you post by chapter, i.e. you are posting an entire novella/novel but you only release one or a few chapters per post. You can list more than one.
  • Genres: Give me whatever genres you post. Contemporary, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, whatever.
  • Trigger warnings: If you put trigger warnings on the majority of your stories, give me those.

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